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We build strategically targeted talent ecosystems to match
the unique needs of our clients at specific moments in time.

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Recruitment Solutions

We take a holistic and customized approach to impact recruiting by offering three distinct yet interwoven solutions: our comprehensive Placement Package for end-to-end recruitment support, flexible A la Carte Services tailored to specific hiring needs, and strategic Consulting to refine and elevate your recruitment process. Whether used individually or combined to form a bespoke, layered solution, all of our services are carefully designed to align exceptional talent with transformative, purpose-driven organizations.

Placement Package

  • Custom Recruitment Blueprint

  • Intensive Role & Market Assessment

  • Proactive Talent Sourcing

  • Rigorous Candidate Screening

  • Seamless Hiring & Onboarding Process

Available as a one-time placement or multi-placement package

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A la carte Services

  • Recruiter & TA Training

  • TA Tech Implementation

  • Interview Training

  • Custom-Built Job Descriptions and Interview Guides

  • Employee Value Proposition and Hiring Process Development

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  • Interview Process Enhancement

  • Requirement & TA Team Development

  • TA Tech Integration

  • EVP Refinement

  • Recruitment Process Optimization

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Pana & PHD Ventures link up to secure a stellar Head of Marketing

Aaron and his team at Pana were thoughtful, reliable partners who went many extra miles for us to ensure the best possible fits for our open roles.

Our entire team was impressed with their core values and strong process, communication, and persistence.

Julie van Amerongen
Executive Director, PHD Ventures
Julie Van Amerongen headshot

Welcoming in healthcare of the future with Fountain Life

Collaborating with Pana Partners was remarkable. Their proficiency in understanding the unique demands of concierge medicine and preventative healthcare made a significant difference.

They brought a level of sophistication and strategic thinking, ensuring that the candidates were not just qualified, but exceptional fits for Fountain Life's culture.

Alison Bruecken
Chief Experience Officer, Fountain Life
Alison Bruecken headshot

Setting the standard in respiratory care with Sensimedical

Partnering with Pana has been a game changer for our recruitment strategy.

Their ability to consistently identify and deliver top-tier candidates swiftly has not only enriched our team but also transformed our approach to talent acquisition.

Alice Serfati
VP Strategy & Operations, Sensimedical
Alice Serfati headshot
The Pana Process

Discover how our unique four-step approach seamlessly integrates with your mission and developmental goals, bringing together expertise, empathy, and enterprise to elevate your team to the next level.

Partnership Discovery
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Partnership Discovery

In this foundational phase, we lay the groundwork for our successful partnership, working towards a deep understanding of your company’s mission, values, and the impact you seek to make. We holistically gather the most essential details in the context of your talent acquisition needs in order to best meet both your immediate requirements and broader organizational goals.

Analytical Alignment
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Analytical Alignment

We dive deeper into your specific talent acquisition needs through a highly analytical process rooted in our in-house talent experience and impact-driven recruiting expertise. This involves a comprehensive review of your talent acquisition lifecycle and identifying areas where Pana can add value by building sustainable, scalable recruiting solutions specific to your organization's immediate and long-term needs.

Nuanced Talent Solutions
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Nuanced Talent Solutions

At this stage, Pana presents carefully curated solutions ranging from targeted candidate sourcing to more comprehensive recruitment strategies. We ensure that each solution proposal is meticulously crafted to align with your organization’s mission and impact objectives, both as it relates to a specific role and the company overall.

Action Plan & Implementation
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Action Plan & Implementation

Now we are ready to present and execute a step-by-step plan to effectively tackle the mutually discovered talent acquisition challenge. Our proposed solution will seamlessly integrate into your existing processes, ensuring that the strategies we implement not only get the job done but also allow for continuous improvement and alignment with your evolving organizational objectives. Let’s get to work!

The benefits of proactive recruiting by the numbers


Number of passive prospects we have proactively sourced for a current talent search to fill a senior-level position



Percentage of passive candidates who looked at our job opportunity
Industry average is 77%*



Those who responded to our initial outreach
Industry average is 19%*



Percentage of respondents from the total number of sourced prospects who are both highly qualified and interested in the role
Industry average is 5%*

come from,

The right partnership has the power to change everything.

A pana is a person you can rely on — someone who always has your back. We’ve seen firsthand how valuable a friend’s advice, perspective, and partnership can be. When we set forth our mission of true collaboration with our clients and talent network, we put the spirit of a real pana at the center.

Our Story

Our story began with a visionary approach to recruitment, born out of a desire to not only connect talent with opportunity but to work with organizations at the forefront of positive change. Founded with a profound belief in the power of impactful recruitment, Pana Partners is working towards redefining the industry standard. We focus on aligning exceptional talent with companies driven to make a meaningful difference in the world.

This mission continues to fuel our journey of turning talent acquisition into more than an art
form – using it as a tool for real societal impact.


Aaron Friedman headshot
Aaron Friedman
Partner & Co-Founder
More about Aaron
Denisse Guenoun headshot
Denisse Guenoun
Partner & Co-Founder
More about Denisse
David Friedman headshot
David Friedman
More about David
Aaron Friedman

Aaron Friedman, co-founder of Pana Partners, brings a visionary approach to recruitment, shaped by a rich history of fostering positive change and empowering the next generation. With a foundation laid in the bustling streets of New York and now making waves in Los Angeles, Aaron's journey is driven by a passion for connecting talent with opportunity in ways that extend beyond the conventional. His leadership at Pana Partners reflects a commitment to not just filling roles but creating ecosystems where exceptional talent and impact-driven organizations thrive together. Aaron's approach is deeply personal, leveraging cutting-edge technology to uncover unique candidates, ensuring every placement contributes to a broader mission of societal progress.

Beyond his role at Pana Partners, Aaron's dedication to social impact is exemplified through his work with OLASTEO, a non-profit he co-founded with his wife to broaden the horizons of under-resourced high school students through educational travel. This commitment to cultivating global citizens mirrors his professional ethos of nurturing diverse perspectives and fostering authentic connections within the workplace. Aaron's dual endeavors highlight his belief in the transformative power of empathy and education, both in shaping the leaders of tomorrow and in redefining the landscape of modern recruitment. At Pana Partners, Aaron is more than a recruiter; he's a pioneer at the intersection of talent acquisition and meaningful societal impact, championing a future where every professional engagement enriches our global community.

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Denisse Guenoun

Denisse Guenoun, co-founder of Pana Partners and Miami native, first cut her teeth in the world of HR in the entertainment world. As a dynamic recruiter, Denisse blends extensive industry know-how with a unique talent for building meaningful and enduring relationships. Her journey, enriched by her experience as a personal matchmaker, informs her innovative approach to recruitment, where she prioritizes lasting connections over transient placements. Denisse's philosophy centers on nurturing long-term partnerships that empower both organizations and individuals to achieve their fullest potential.

At Pana, Denisse is more than just a recruiter; she is a visionary leader, fostering experiences and environments where talent thrives and businesses flourish. Her commitment to inclusivity and diversity is evident in every initiative she leads, driving forward a new era of recruitment where empathy and understanding are paramount. Denisse's work embodies a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of supportive workspaces, making her a pivotal figure in shaping the future of workplace engagement and employee experiences.

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David Friedman

David brings a distinctive blend of psychological insight, marketing prowess, and operational expertise to the dynamic field of talent acquisition. His narrative is deeply rooted in the rich cultural tapestry of New York City, where his diverse professional journey first took flight. From his foray into the world of clinical psychology to his work in non-profit and health tech marketing, David's layered background is a natural byproduct of his innate curiosity in people's stories and a commitment to building a more empathic and sustainable world.

As a recruiter, David adopts a deeply relational approach, driven by a genuine desire to understand each candidate's narrative and their professional aspirations in the here and now. He is a strong advocate of holistic and whole-person recruiting, always paying close attention to the entirety of a candidate's story every step of the way. David's eye for design is also the magic behind Pana's general aesthetic and creative strategy, though his mastery over Photoshop & Canva is a constant work in progress.

A proud New Yorker and a devoted father of two, David places great value on family and the energetic pulse of the city. His dedication to crafting meaningful candidate experiences reflects his overall approach to life - lead with empathy, listen with intent, and imagine differently. At Pana, he leverages these values not merely to make placements but to foster relationships and environments where talent and organizations can make a real difference, together.

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Our Values

Anchoring our mission to connect transformative talent with impact-driven organizations.

Collaboration & Curiosity

We combine the power of collaboration with the spirit of curiosity to empathize and coalesce with a broad range of sectors committed to making a difference.

Mutual Fit Commitment

Our recruitment ethos is grounded in a mutual fit evaluation process, ensuring an authentic match between client and candidate. We build bespoke ecosystems of talent that mutually enhance candidate growth and the transformative goals of our clients.

Proactive Recruitment

We take a predominately proactive approach to sourcing talent that meets the immediate and evolving needs of our impact-driven clients.

Inclusive Excellence by Design

We champion a process to ensure that diverse talent emerges not just as a token gesture but as the organic outcome of our strategic and tailored approach to talent acquisition.

Transparency in Practice

Genuine transparency is more than a principle; it’s our practice. Our commitment to transparent communication establishes a foundation of trust and ensures that clients and candidates are actively involved in all aspects of the hiring process.

Adaptive Agility

Staying agile and responsive to the rapidly evolving nature of the modern workplace and the changing needs of our clients looking to make a positive impact on the world.